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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Still Here My Friends

Wow, so long since I blogged. Well things in my life seem to change all the time. My health is not good at this point nor has it ever been, have a multitude of issues. Created a website for my Psychic stuff, been learning about life as usual, still me, still crazy. Planning on decorating for fall when October arrives, I love the colors, the smells, and the feeling that Autmn gives me. Autmn is my favorite time of year, God's magic color palette makes sipping hot pumpkin spice lattes from Panera even more enjoyable. Looking forward to taking long walks through the park as soon as most of the trees start to change color, my camera will be with me at that time, want to capture nature at its best. I have new pets, finches! Yep, I love them, they are fun to watch and listen too, their soft chirping and singing  fills my home with calmness and joy. Well guess this is all for now, blessings to all my readers.


Sunday, June 26, 2011


Facebook is so popular now, and a lot better than myspace. Myspace seems to have faded away to some degree, I wonder what the next famous social network will be. Google should have a socaial network, or do they already? Is it FB or MS? I dont know, Im feeling stupid right now, really.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

So You Think You Got Issues? Read Mine :(

Well, I haven't been posting on my blog in soooo long. I have some updates on my failing health. I still have trouble controling the Diabetes, I have lost weight but still my sugar levels were high, been watchnig what I eat but not all the time, reason for my high levels. Right now I am taking insulin (Levemir) 30 units daily along with Metformin and Glyburide. I also found out in one of my recent blood tests I have and underactive Thyroid, so now im taking Sythnroid for it. My Kidneys and Liver have issues due from the Diabetes, not taking anything for my liver but for my Kidneys I have to take Lisinipril every night before bed. Moving on to my other health issues... I still have trouble falling a sleep so I was prescribed Visitril, it is actually for allergies but it helps me sleep, I have allergies so thats a plus. I might have Fibromyalgia as well, the doc has to check me for that on Monday. Ummm lets see, I headaches all the time, I was an antidepressant for it, but no help from that, I have Arthritus, but was told to take ibuprofin, it doesn't help. My mental issues are far beyond the normal. Right now I am taking Seroquel XR, just makes me sleepy all the time, not sure of it's purpose Taking Paxil and Klonopin for Anxiety/Panic attacks, now that is helping a lot, thank God for that. I was in the hospital in Dec because I was hulicinating, it was really bad, I was in there for a week and can only remember a few things, most of it is blank. I still cant remember, my Psychiatrist said I don't want to remember that, ummm, wonder why. I think the reason why I was admited because I was on too many prescription drugs at that time, you see the doc was giving me things to see what worked I guess, these are the mental meds I was on at that time this happened. Paxil, Abilify, Buspar, Klonopin, Seroquel, and some kind of meds for Parkinsins Desease because the abilify made me have the jerks at night, it was crazy. I cant think of the name of that med I will have to look through my many bottles of pills to see what it was called, jsut don't remember the names of it. Well after that weeks stay in the hospital I was still the same as when I went in because while in there they still gave me all those meds, when I was released, feelings not ready to leave, dont remember signing a release form at all or any going home instructions, I was still really out of it. After my release the doc took me off all the mental health meds except the Seroquel, Paxil, Klonopin, and now im doing so much better.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Where Am I?

Well, im right here! Same place but haven't really felt like writing for a bit. I go through this now and then. Some updated news on my mental issues, my doc put me on Paxil for anxiety and it has been doing ok I guess. The prozac didn't take my panic attacks away so my doc switched meds, so far it seems to be working on the seratonin thingy in my brain. I still have slight attacks but they arent as fierce as before and I have less of them which is a good thing. Xmas is like right here, im not feeling very festive like I usually am, but I still try to enjoy the Holiday season. I have gifts to wrap but not in the mood to do it. I havent been doing lots of shopping like I normally do, don't get me wrong I havent been feeling depressed or anything, but for some reason I can't get motivated. Another year is almost gone, big changes are coming for the year ahead for me, I can feel it, almost touch it, im excited! Well until the next time I post, Adios!


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tons Of Fish!

Yesterday I went with some friends to visit the offbeat tourust attraction, Spillway. Located in Linesville, Pa. It was cool to see the big ass fish devouring the bread people were throwing to them. Thought I would share this with everyone, so I included a short video.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Sinequan Again

Yep, back on my antidepressants again. I guess the Niacinamides weren't helping me. I had anxiety/panic attacks severely when I went on Niacinamide and stopped taking Sinequan. I only took the vitamin b3 for a week and it didn't seem to help me at all, so went to the doc and he put me back on my antidepressants. Maybe the herbal way worked for some people but it didn't help me at all. Maybe I needed to take it longer, I dont know. All I do know is that when I'm having three or more panic attacks a day, Vitamin b3 just isn't the thing I need. I only want to feel happy and normal, okay I will settle for happy. Anyone else out there tried to go herbal for anxiety, depression, panic attacks? Has it worked for you? Drop me a comment and let me know!


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Going Herbal? Maybe

I have recently been researching and studying on herbal remedies for all my current issues, which are: Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Panic Attacks. Those mentioned are my most concerned mental disorders. I am tired of being groggy all the time and on some different planet of my own from my meds, but I need them, seriously. For my insomnia I am going with Chamomile tea before going to bed. Tonight is my first night on it, I drank the first cup and I already feel relaxed.

Cup number two is seeping I really think I need it, hope I'm not up all night peeing, because that would defeat the purpose. I don't really like the taste especially because I didn't put any sugar in it, that would keep me hyper. Maybe I could get used to the taste eventually. If it works it's a keeper! I read a lot online about Niacinamide (not Niacin) is used for anxiety, panic attacks and depression so that right there would take care of the rest of my issues.

I am going to try this Niacinamide and I hope it works, I read so many different forums, websites and such that it works just like benzos, I pray it helps me so I can go off all these meds. I really want to live a med free life with only natural herbs and vitamins in my system. I want to feel good for the first time in my life and this could be the change I need, who knows. I wont know if it really works until I try it.

There is supposed to be no harm in taking this Niacinamide long term and no side effects as with the meds I am taking now, I will have to find that out myself. From what I read it is like taking a low dose Valium, but I will see if that's true or not. I will definitely be posting on how its working, or not working for me. Just finished my second cup of Chamomile tea, I feel calm, but it's too early to go to bed, lol.


Thursday, July 09, 2009

Evian Roller Babies US

I came across this video on my aol home page. It's by Evian, it was so cute I had to share it, lol This video is of ninety six computer animated babies that are roller skating to a remix of the Sugarhill Gang's Rapper's Delight . Technology kicks ass!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Michael Jackson

Today is Michael Jackson's memorial. It seems as though it's just a dream. I am still stunned by his death, he went through so much in his life but now he can finally rest. R.I.P MJ, you will be sadly missed, but our love for you and your legend will live on forever.


Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson "The King Of Pop"

The Legend, King Of Pop: Michael Jackson has passed away on Thurdsay June 25, 2009 of a massive heart attack in L.A. I was stunned beyond belief when I heard the news of this great performer's passing, he was indeed amazing. There was never anyone before him or after him that can take his place, he will never be duplicated. Unique and talented he is a true legend and will live on in our hearts forever. Rumors had it that he was rehearsing for a show to make a come back, and that he would have. Michael Jackson may you RIP.


Monday, June 22, 2009


Summer in Ohio brings lots of warm sunny days and many activities! Yes, it's that time again for amusement parks, bar-b-q's, outdoor fun! I love going to amusement parks as long as I stay on the ground, being that I get sick so easily from any type of spinning or fast motion, so I stick with slow moving rides and playing games. Every time I make a promise to myself that I will go on a roller coaster, it never happens, I take one look at the sky high fast moving object and I feel the nausea coming on. I guess I could take those motion sickness pills, but I never fail at forgetting them. Motion sickness pills have been in my medicine cabinet for I don't know how long.

Now anything that involves camping, picnics, horseback riding, or any type of sport that doesn't involve water I am fine with. Did I mention I am deathly afraid of water? Deep water, I cannot swim. When I was a child I was pushed into the deep end of a pool by another child much older than me, I almost drowned, unfortunately a family friend jumped in and saved me. I have tried to overcome my fear of water, but so far I haven't. Anyways you may feel that without roller coasters and swimming I may lead a boring Summer, but actually I have lots of fun.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sunny Days Here In Ohio

Well at last I can say, I think the warm weather is here to stay! I love Spring time with all the beautiful blooming flowers that fill the air with their sweet aromas. I planted a rose bush and feel so anxious to see it grow, the roses will are multi colored, like yellow and pink. I love the smell of roses and hope my bush will grow big and strong (the rose bush that its, lol) I am sitting at my desk here at home with the window open, the soft chirping of birds is real music to my ears. I love this feeling of tranquility, it takes me to a happy place.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

My House May Be Haunted

I believe my house may be haunted. I have not actually "seen" anything that would confirm my suspicions, except for a window breaking from the inside. My friends have heard and seen a few things. I have to admit that I do hear noises sometimes and have felt cold drafts, but it could be the fact that this house is old and it's just settling.

If there were a murder or something here before I purchased my home it would of been clasified as "stigmatized". For those of you who do not know what "stigmatized" means let me elaborate...This term is used by real estates to describe possible detrimental features of a property or home, all the result of unfortunate occurrences. These can include murder, suicide or even AIDS, in addition to believing that the house or property may be haunted. I purchased my home a few months back because it was in a decent neighborhood and the price was dirt cheap.

The person that I purchsed this house from is kind of a friend, he never mentioned anything regarding stange happenings in the house. I guess that is why it wasnt clasified as stigmatized, even though I purchased it through him not a real estate. If he would of had a real estate agent sell it then he could of made a lot of money on it, that is if it was stigmatized confirmed. People tend to pay a lot of money for homes that are haunted. Just goes to show how vulnerable we are. I am thinking about calling my friend and asking some questions to see if there were occurances in the past.

My house needs work but I wanted to take on this project and see what I could accomplish. I am always getting myself into things and then seem to regret it, lol. I could just sell it, but I have already started working on things like painting and have hired a company to redo a lot of stuff, I just want to see what it looks like finished. As I mentioned above, my house has the posibilty of being haunted. There are a few things that point to this fact:

1. One of my friends stated when she was scolding her daughter for throwing candy wrappers on my living room floor the tree plant that I have in my living room started to shake as if someone grabbed and shook it. There were two other people in the room with her and said they seen it as well. I wasn't in the living room at the time so I didn't see this happen.

2. My friend Lisandra told me when she took a shower upstairs at my house she heard someone come into the bathroom and walk around. She jumped out of the shower and opened the door and there was no one there. She didnt lock the bathroom door because there were only a few friends there and we are all girls. Lisandra stated this happened more than one occasion when she spent the night.

3. My home is small but has four bedrooms. I sometimes have friends stay over. One night my friend Sam stated she was sleeping and someone knocked on the bedroom door and said "Sam". She woke up because the knock on the door was loud. She said she came to my room because she thought it was me, but I was asleep, we were the only ones there.

4. Another time when Sam spent the night she said someone crawled in bed with her, she stated the mattress went down on one side as when someone gets into bed, she jumped up and no one was there.

5. Two of my friends were in the upstairs bathroom at different times on different days. They stated when they came out of the bathroom something white past by them really fast down the hallway. I know my friends wouldnt make up these things because I can tell when they are lying.

6. Sometimes when I lay in bed at night I can hear a knocking sound like a washing machine running thats unbalanced I thought it could be the furnace but it never does it in the day time. It sounds like it is coming from another bedroom, the next time I hear it I will check the other rooms and then the basement.

7. Once when I was laying on my sofa in the living room I thought I heard chanting, as in a ritual, I could tell it was men and women voices. I am a third degree wicca high priestess and I have been to many rituals and this was simular to those chants, but I could not make out the words. Maybe its not my house being haunted, maybe its me? Could I be schizophrenic? Am I hearing things that aren't there?

8. I had all new windows installed in this house. Off my computer room downstairs is a bathroom, well one day I was sitting at my desk typing on my computer (not the latop) and the window in the bathroom broke out of nowhere, but get this... it was the window on the inside that broke, not the outside. All my windows are like double, one inside and one outside. Its weird why it busted like that, and it was new! I had to have the guys come back and replace it, they think I did it, not so!

Ok, I can maybe clasify myself as crazy, but what about the things my friends have heard and seen? I have had Psychic abilities since I was a child, beleive it or not, its true, and sometimes I feel something out of the normal in my home as a cold draft out of nowhere and it feels as if someone is there. This house is old so that could be the reason for drafts, and the feeling of that someone is here doesn't scare me, but it botheres me. I am going to light some candles tonight and say some chants to see if it clears up, if not then I will call a few wiccan friends for a seance and see what happens. If this doesnt help then I have no ther choice but to call in the ghost busters, lol.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


It keeps on snowing here in Ohio, I do like the snow, however enough is enough! This season has been rough, weather wise, there seems to be a lot more snow than last year. Well I guess that's what I get for living here. Maybe I should move to a warmer place, a place that has no snow. California or Florida? Cali has earthquakes & fires and Florida has it's bugs and huricanes, I guess there is a downside to no matter where you live. I was born and raised here in Ohio so I should be used to it by now, I have been through worse weather, but it just seems to get to me this season, I can blame it on growing old, lol.

I took this pic in Nov, 2008 the first big snow of the season.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

News You Can Use # 1 Digital Converter Boxes

I figured I would start a "News You Can Use" post, this is my first one. It's mainly about shit you already know and heard from TV, news papers or the Internet, but just in case your life is limited to blogs then I guess I can get my point accross. This is the first of many that will follow. Today's "news you can use" is about. . .
Digital Converter Boxes!
As you may already know, you will need a digital converter box to watch TV after February 17, 2009. Yep, if you don't have cable or satellite you wont be able to watch TV! The deficit reduction act of 2005 requires all full powered TV stations to turn off their analog channels. So if you want to keep watching TV and you don't have this digital box thingy, then sorry for you. I would imagine that most people have either satellite or cable, probably the main people effected by this is the elderly and the poor.
The elderly because they stick to watching only local channels and an old dog is hard to teach a new trick. This transition effects the poor, well because they are just that, they cant afford cable or satellite. The other people that will be effected by this change are in another category of themselves. You can sign up for coupons for the digital box thing or read more about it by clicking this LINK. I am not the Government so if your not approved for a box don't come back to haunt me, it's up to them if you qualify, I am merely providing you with a link to their site.
Where there you have it folks, some news you can use.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Snowy Days

Lately there has been a lot of snow here in Ohio and I must say that I do enjoy it, but driving in it really sucks. Every Winter I go through the same thing of renting some big ass truck since my car was not made for snow! I know I should just buy a truck but the only time I would use it is when there was snow on the ground, not worth it for me. I feel like a midget in a semi driving that damn big thing, but it doesn't get me stuck in the snow so I guess I shouldn't complain.

I figure the bigger the better, I been stuck in the snow before but that's another story! On snowy days I don't normally stay indoors but I love to be with friends sometimes sipping hot chocolate and watching movies when its really cold. As old as I am I still love having snow ball fights and making snowmen, I don't believe I will ever grow out of that, lol. I guess feeling young and doing things we all love helps us to overcome the fact that we are getting older not younger. Some health issues that I have recently been diagnosed with makes me think back to when I was a child and sometimes wish I still was, they aren't life threatening heath issues but enough to make me think of what I should cherish and not take advantage of.

OK enough of the feel sorry for me crap, I am not feeling life threatening to myself tonight, so let me be happy. The peace and tranquil snow brightening up this dark night as I sit on my sofa gazing out the big picture window in my livingroom. The snugly fuzz from my Ohio State blankie makes me feel warm and cozy, my laptop and a cup of hot chocolate keep me focused for the time being. Oh wait! Its not the cold ass snow outside, or the fucking blanket, Its not even the hot chocolate that just burned my lip! Forget the laptop, I feel this way cuz my freaking meds are kicking in!


Friday, January 09, 2009

The End Will Come

Looking at the suck ass world around me, I realize that one day it will all come to an end, oh goody. God, I wish that day were now. I wonder if I will see that day, will it be soon or millions of years from now? Why the wait? Why not end it now? What are we actually living for anyways? Grow old, get wrinkled and then die, oh wow what a great accomplishment. Evolution, who needs it? Not I. It's the here and now, the wicked world in which we live, it's all we got. Live and enjoy life? Yea ok I would love to hear something other than enjoy your life, its the only one you got. Like I give two shits about mine, im taking antidepressants because my thereapist doesnt want me commiting suicide, so tell me why the hell one of the side effects of Sinequan are "may increase thoughts of suicide", nice and this is why I take it. Do I feel like killing myself? Not today, I would rather see the world end, but I doubt I would be so blessed.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Bravo TV Video - Meet Gene

I just had to post this video of Gene from "Top Chef" I think he is hot!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Feng Shui

It has been a long time since I posted, so I decided I would go ahead and make a post tonight. I have been researching Feng Shui lately and seem to be drawn in by the excitement of it. I want to find true happiness within my home and think this is something that may help me achieve such a goal.

There are many things I must do and place in my home to bring in the happiness that I seek. I do believe that this is going to be fun, even though I dont really have a clue what I am doing right now I will continue to research and find out what all is needed in order for me to be able to understand. Many people have this in thier homes and seem to have peace and tranquility with it, I would like to also experience this as well.

If you have Feng Shui in your home and would like to share some ideas with me I would love to hear from you.


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Sex And The City Movie

Anyone else out there a "Sex and the City" fan? I went to see the movie with some friends and it was great! There were many favorite parts in the movie, I laughed and cried a lot. Yes I am a serious fan so this movie was one I couldn't miss.

Parts that made me cry...
1. When Carrie was trying on the wedding dresses, yes it made me teary eyed.
2. When Carry dropped the phone on the floor after John said he couldn't do it, and she was standing there in her wedding dress.
3. When Carrie was in Mexico and didn't want to get out of bed, all she did was cry, I cried right along with her, lol.
4. On New Years Eve when Steve was standing at the door trying to get back with Miranda.
5. Charlotte announced to Carrie she was pregnant.
6. When Carrie went to the apartment to get her shoes before the new owners showed up, and when she walked in John was standing there in the walk in closet, he turned around and looked at her with her shoes in his hands, Carrie ran to him and hugged and kissed him.
7. When Carrie and John finally got married at the courthouse and her friends were there when John opened the doors.

Parts that made me laugh...
1. Samantha's horny little dog
2. When Charlotte was screaming at John for not showing up for his wedding and she was trying to walk fast in her black dress.
3. When Samantha was lying on the table naked covered in sushi waiting for Smith to get home.
4. When Anthony and Stanford kissed on New Years Eve.
5. When Charlotte shit her pants in Mexico and Carrie finally laughed.
6. When Samantha made fun of Miranda's bushy pussy, lol.

I really enjoyed the whole movie and thought it was perfect the way they made it. Does anyone else agree with me? Or do you think they should of done things differently? What were your favorite parts and did you cry the way I did? If your a fan like me leave a comment!

Monday, June 09, 2008

A Day At The Lake

Went to the lake today and took some pix. There is something about the sun setting and the night beginning that awakes my spirit. There were cars parked and I tried to not get them in the pix but they showed anyways which ruined the image I was trying to capture, so I cropped them out. Hope all my readers enjoy the pix and can get the feeling that I do when I look at them. I took some pix of clouds but I will put them in another post.


Saturday, May 03, 2008

Why Do I Feel So Depressed?

I have been feeling really depressed lately. My friends of mine ask what do I have to be depressed about and I cant seem to find an answer for them. I need a new brain I think.

Sometimes I sit and cry for nothing, drowning my thoughts in alcohol helps at times. My meds help at other times. I don't feel lonely and living alone doesn't bother me, so why this depression all the time?

Been to therapists but I remain the same. I don't feel suicidal and feel I have a lot more to gain in life, so whats wrong with me? I don't think I will ever get over my parents passing, I just push those thoughts away when they creep up.

I have a love/hate relationship with my sister, I don't think much at all about her. In my opinion I have everything I need so why do I cry a lot and feel down? Therapist couldn't even give me an answer for that one.

Maybe if I would be a little bit more honest with him maybe he could find a solution for me. Nah, I doubt it. I think that Therapists are in it just for the money, who knows.

Some people suggest that I go to church, no way I don't want to end up in one of those Polygamist groups, with my luck that's what would happen. I guess I will have to deal with my own recovery or will I? So many questions and no answers.

Guess I will pour myself another brandy on the rocks. Yeah when all this kicks in I will feel much better I am sure.


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bad Days

Ever have one of those days when everything seems to go wrong? Yes we all have! Well today is one of those days for me. I awoke this morning feeling great, I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and take a shower like any other day.

I put my toothbrush and toothpaste back into the medicine cabinet and when I shut the door my thumb got in the way and I broke off a nail and along with it a piece of skin, ouch! I am one that cannot stand pain at all and it made me feel so sick to my stomach. I am now trying to type this post with a big ass bandage wrapped around my thumb and this happened like 5 hours ago, lol.

While making coffee the damn bandage kept getting in the way but I didn't want to take it off because it felt better with it on (a mind thing). After the coffee was ready I sat at my desk to check my emails and when I picked up my cup it tilted sideways and my coffee spilt all over my keyboard, I am now using my laptop. I was so pissed I just left it like that, I will clean it later.

All this started at 9am this morning so I wonder what the rest of the day has in store for me, I don't even want to think about it. I feel like crawling back into bed and waking up again, damn my thumb is throbbing! :(

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Perfect Man

We all have our opinions on how the perfect man should be, do you look for personality, physical attributes, money? Of course there is no such thing as a perfect man, if there were then too many women would be happy. Not a bad thing I guess considering when we pms the perfect man would know how to keep us happy regardless of our emotional upsets.

In the real world we live in no man can be perfect, I have known some that were pretty close to it but then they failed to prove it to me. Are my expectations in a relationship high? Yes of course because one thing is true, if you settle for less than what you want you will get it every time.

I refuse to settle for less than what I want. If my search for that nearly perfect man doesn't bring any results then I will just have to stay single my whole life. I know I am far from being perfect and my issues are above and beyond what normal people may consider tolerable, but if there is a man out there somewhere that can prove to me he is the one then he will surely win my heart.

My standards are high, here are the qualities the perfect man must have...
Sense of humor
Serious when he is suppose to be
Open and close doors for me
Understands my emotions and be sympathetic
Shut his mouth and don't argue
When I tell him to do something he does it right away without questions
When he knows I'm not feeling well he will take care of me
He will not talk bad about me to anyone, not even to himself
He will love me unconditionally, regardless of anything I say or do
When I am PMSing he will know what not to say and what not to do
He will give me flowers often, just because
He will bring me chocolates, as he knows I am a chocoholic
He wont expect me to cook
He wont make me do what I don't want
He wont be abusive
He will pleasure me when I want and how I want

Well I guess that's my list for the perfect man, anyone reading this want to add anything? Or have I covered it all? Lol


Friday, March 28, 2008

The Stock Market

Do you know that the New York Stock Exchange started out only on a little pathway in front of a church on the East side of Manhattan two hundred years ago! At the time it started out there was no paper money or even stocks, but instead they traded silver for documents stating they owned shares that were being delivered by ships everyday, this is how it all began!

Have you ever said 'damn I wish I owned that company', well guess what? You can actually own a share in that company, how? First you need to get a broker, when you find one you like then you tell him that you want to buy a share in the company (the one you have your eye on). You tell the broker how much money you have to use and he will tell you how much each share is, he will also tell you how much he will charge you for his service and the remainder will be used to buy shares.

Here is an example:
You have $350
Broker fee $50
Each share is $20
You can buy 15 shares into that company

You give the broker your money and he transfers ownership to you, he then will send a message to one of his employees on the floor over at the Stock Exchange, he tells him to buy the stocks for you. The floor broker will buy the stocks, report it onto one of the many computers at the Stock Exchange and then track it back to the brokerage house. Your broker will keep a record of the stock you own instead of sending you a paper certificate.

If you decide you want to sell your stock your broker will sell it, deduct his commission and give you the rest of the money. Don't worry about your broker running off with your money, the government has put many organizations and commissions to keep him honest. One major organization is SEC (Securities Exchange Commission)


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring Trends!

Now that Spring is officially here, its time to go shopping for new clothes! I love the new trends that are out, bright, colorful and oh so fashionable! Beautiful flowers in bloom together with a walk through the garden wearing the newest spring fashions would make anyone feel comfy.

I was looking through the new Michael Kors catalog and fell in love with the new Spring designs. I don't always keep up with trends but this year the fashions are really drawing my attention. My wardrobe basically consists of black but there will be some new colors added very soon.

Spring, flowers, cute little dresses with coordinating sandals would make any girl smile! The weather here in Ohio is still chilly but I'm looking beyond that and await the warmer days to come. I do love winter but its time to put the snow and cold away and bring out the garden, planting and Capris!

Click Here Or The Photo To Visit Michael Kors Online Catalog


Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Sweets!

Yes Easter is tomorrow! Time once again for coloring eggs, filling decorated baskets with yummy sweets and having an Easter egg hunt! I love creating decorative baskets for my friend's children (since I don't have any of my own) seeing the excitement in their eyes as they admire all the yummy treats set before them!

Not sure about the reason for candy on Easter but all I know is its a child's delight! My parents used to hide my Easter basket when I was a child and I would go running through the house looking for it on Easter morning. I remember one time I started crying because I couldn't find it and thought the Easter bunny had forgot about me, lol.

My basket was hidden in the oven, what a strange place to put it, glad no one turned the oven on prior to me finding it. I still feel like a kid at heart, I love coloring hard boiled eggs and then decorating them with stickers and such. My friends children are such a blessing to my life, if I wont be able to have any children of my own (only got a 30% to have kids) at least I can spoil theirs, lol.

I'm going shopping today with two of my friends to pick out Easter dresses for their little girls Yanely 3 and Brianna 8 months(aka Poca Dolli). I have to remember to purchase batteries for my camera so I can take some pix of the festivities tomorrow, I may create a post on the events of Easter. Below is a link to some beautiful bouquets that are awesome for season events, check it out!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Traditional Easter Dinner

Holding true to traditions is something I have learned from my parents and will continue to do so as long as I live. I am not too fascinated with cooking and even though I consider myself to be pretty good, I hate doing it. I was debating on who to spend Easter with, either my cousins or friends, my friends seem to be more closer to me than my cousins, so I decided to spend it with my friends.

With my friends I feel more comfortable and free, with the cousins its like tense, uneasy feelings. I don't' like the feeling that I am being judged and put on the spot, being questioned about how I run my life and why is this and why is that. Holidays should be enjoyed not dreaded, of course because I am Introverted, I don't stay long at any given function.

Getting back to the purpose of this post, I have been appointed semi cook by my friends to make Easter dinner, ugh! I decided to cook the meal here at my home and then transport it to their house, this way I can cook in peace without them asking what I am doing and how I'm doing it. My friends mean well as they said they will help, but I don't need it, they get in the way of things, lol.

I know there is going to be tons of food Easter Sunday, they appoint me to cook but they will also be making rice and other Latin foods like always. My friends consist of Puerto Rican, Mexican and a few gorgeous Cuban guys I recently met at one of my friends house, mmmmm! I know I'm going to be nervous that day because those Cuban guys are going to be there, men make me nervous (the single ones that is, lol).

The dinner I am going to prepare will consist of the following: (If you would like to have the recipes for any of these delicious foods on my menu, just ask me and I will give it to you, these are my own variations, so they may differ from other recipes you may have seen.)
Glazed Ham
Mashed Potatoes
Honeyed Carrots
Baby Asparagus
Buttermilk Biscuits

And that's it! My friends will also be preparing other foods, its well that they do because from past experiences there will be a lot of people at their house this coming Easter Sunday. To be honest I was thinking of calling a caterer to make this dinner, but I think that would spoil the whole tradition idea, lol.


Monday, March 17, 2008

Whats Wrong With Me?

Have you ever craved doing something that you ordinarily never do? These past few days when I see people smoking cigarettes it has made me want to smoke one so bad, and I don't even smoke (cigarettes that is, lol). I tried smoking as a teenager to be cool together with friends and it made me feel sick, I never really could stand the taste, smell of it.

What all started this was when I was watching 'Sex And The City' one night, again lol. I watched most of the episodes on HBO but I missed some so I purchased all the seasons on DVDs. Of course I could watch it on TBS but parts are cut out.

Anyway whenever I would see Carrie( Sex And The City) lighting up a cigarette I would start to crave one, weird huh? Now when I see anyone smoking it makes me want one too, and yuk I hate how peoples breath smells that smoke, its so nasty! I don't want to be a smoker and probably never will but I need to deal with this craving, would buying a pack and just smoking one stop my craving or would it become habit forming?

For any of my readers out there, have you ever had such a craving? Not just cigarettes but anything else? Let me know I'm interested to know I'm not the only weird girl out there, lol.

Carrie from 'Sex And The City' (Sarah Jessica Parker)


Friday, March 14, 2008

Unique Or Interesting Blogs

I was surfing through some blogs here on blogger tonight and came across some very interesting ones. I put some comments on a few and have decided I am going to start to link to certain blogs that I find helpful, useful and above all unique. There are blogs out there are must reads and if I can help any blogger get the word out about their blog, then here I am to help!

If you have a blog or know of one that you think is interesting just post a link to it in a comment to this post and I will check it out. If your blog catches my true attention I will link to it, and if you would like you can also link to mine as well, if you find it interesting enough, lol. My blog isnt all that but I do have many readers and visitors, some are regulars others are just passing through.


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Searching For My Inner Strength

Inner strength is hard to maintain at times, especially when we are being attacked at all angles. I used to think it was easy to hide behind a fake smile, but then a complete stranger recently came up to me and said "your eyes are the window to your soul and that smile on your face is somewhere else." This stranger was right you know, for the past week or so I have been dealing with an emotional battle which I find very hard to overcome.

Not only to have my heart broken is enough, but to be challenged to prove something that is personal which I have every right not to prove at all. People believe what they want and for me to have to prove it just for their satisfaction is not something I am willing to do. I am who I am and what I am, if people choose to believe something totally off the beaten path, then that's their problem not mine.

Guessing and gossiping together to try and figure out something that isn't is just another reason why there are so many non believers of anything in this world. When does faith come? Not many have it these days, if you cant except what is told to you then you need to just forget it because no amount of explaining will change what you believe.

All I need right now is my inner strength and a regathering of my heart, emotions and feelings. Not as easy at it seems but a heart can be mended and emotions and feelings will once again become strong. What I am searching for is already inside of me, all I need to do is recover it.

I know that some of you have been through a time when you seemed like you needed to prove yourself to be right, my advice to you is "don't". You don't have to prove anything to anyone if you don't want to. Let those unbelievers go about guessing and gossiping all they want, what you know inside you to be true is all that matters. No one can bring you happiness, this you create on your own, this I know to be true through my experience.

I took this photo last year, this is the strength I need right now to battle my inner feelings.


Monday, March 10, 2008

Peace And Harmony

There is nothing like having a life of peace and harmony, no arguments, no fights, no noise to distract you. Some people find it hard to find while there are few of us that do, I am one that can actually say I have lots of peace and harmony in my life. It may be hard for some since they may have a loud and obnoxious family, they may not have a quiet time that often, maybe only when they are at the office?

There are some who may find tranquility at home while others find it at work, I for one have this at home since I am single and live alone, my office is here at home so any work I do is done here in the quiet atmosphere of my solitude dwelling. I don't think I could handle the everyday stress and noises that some people are so accustomed too, I would go nuts in a world without my quiet times alone which is most of the time for me. Its hard for me to understand how some individuals can go through life with only minimum peace and harmony, they must be pretty tough cookies.

I see many families with tons of people in and out of their homes, not just their own children but other family members and friends here and there. I think to myself "My God" when do they ever have time to just relax and feel the quietness? Maybe that's what they need, maybe they cant stand having peace and harmony, maybe they are satisfied by the only peace they get is when they sleep.

I just don't understand how some people go on without peace, well maybe that's why so many Therapists are making a good living, from those stressful individuals that flock to them for relief. Do they not know that by taking a few minutes out of their day for quiet time could be all that is needed? Go for a drive, or walk through the park, rent a hotel for a night and get some rest, there are many ways one can find their peace and harmony.

Does your family make you lose your sanity? Give them something to do, or send them somewhere, so many different ways one can think of that will bring peace to their home and lives, sometimes we need to be a little creative with what works. When you finally find what works to bring you peace, then go for it!

I think we would all benefit from being able to have a life of tranquility, I know I do. The photo you see above is mine, it took it in June 2007, this is my expression of peace and harmony.


Saturday, March 01, 2008

The Great Depression

I was awake laying in my bed tonight and a thought came to mind about how much people these days complain about anything and everything. My thoughts lead me to think about "The Great Depression", I remember my Grandmother and parents talking about it when I was a little girl. It all started on "Black Tuesday" in 1929 when the stock market crashed as it was the main cause of high unemployment, poverty and deflation.

People had a really hard time back then and seemed to struggle just to get food on the table for their families. We have so much today to be thankful for and yet we continue to see things in a different way. Instead of being happy that we get to eat, we complain about where we should go to eat, or not knowing what to cook having our refrigerators and cupboards packed full.

Back in hard times people had no choice but to wear hand-me-downs, most of today's children don't even know what that is. I have watched a show on TV called "The Waltons", it gives a good example of the depression, even though its only a show it does point out some things people went through during those times. The show is based in 1930's about a young writer who writes about his life during the depression and how his family struggled through hardships.

When I was a little girl I lived with my Parents and Grandmother on a small farm, being born in 1973 I had fun with just simple things, even though at that time we didn't have much we were all happy. I look back on those days now whenever I'm feeling sad and wished that I could return to that life once again. Sometimes having too much is not a good thing, even if we think it is.


Thursday, February 28, 2008

Plan Ahead For Spring Cleaning!

March 20, 2008, first day of Spring. before jumping into spring cleaning lets plan ahead and make a list of what we need to do and how we will do it. Planning ahead helps to ensure we can get our goals accomplished, and the satisfaction we feel when we are finished.

We first need to make a list of what we need to clean, organize, throw out and buy new. Organization in our daily lives helps us feel less stressed and more cheerful, having a clean home to live in helps in more ways than one. Your Spring Cleaning list should be broken down room by room, this will help the cleaning process go smoother.

You may want to start out with the kitchen and work your way through to the dinning room,living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, basements, sun porches, garages. Don't forget to clean around the outside of your home, these areas collect so much clutter through winter. A clean home inside and out makes you feel much better.

Once the inside of your home is cleaned and sanitized you will able to breathe better after eliminating dust,clutter and musky smells that were lingering in our home. Covering up such smells by just spraying the house with air freshener isn't enough. We need to remove things from shelves, corners, walls and so forth.

Don't just vacuum and dust around things, pull them away from their spot and clean under and behind as well. You will notice that there is a big difference between touch ups and actual cleaning. Changing the room around like the bedrooms and the living room creates a whole new feel, makes it like you have a new room.

If your tired of your old furniture and appliances, donate it to charity and buy new. Giving your home an over all new look makes living there more pleasurable. If you have children make sure the play area is cleaned well and sanitized, this helps reduce colds and flu. Throw away old and broken toys that your child no longer uses, a child may get cut and hurt on things scattered on the floor, buy some bins to keep toys oraganized.

There are so many ways to Spring clean your home and when you have a list it will make that dreadful cleaning much easier on you. Remember, make a list, clean, sanitize, organize, throw out, buy new. Happy cleaning!


Ok Enough Snow Already!

Hey mother nature I had enough snow already! It's going to be March soon, Easter is around the corner, this needs to stop! On with sunny days, spring flowers, easter egg hunts, pretty bonnets and candy filled baskets! Out with old man winter and icy snow covered roads! I want to turn in this big ass rental truck and drive my own car! Let's take a vote and make Winter gone until next Xmas! Ok i'm finished complaining, i'm going to bed now.


Sunday, February 24, 2008

Global Warming!

Do you know that over 40% of our animals and plants could become extinct by the end of this century if we do nothing to help fight this Global Warming shit? Yes it's true! What can we do to make a difference? Here is a list of a few simple things. If each of us apply some of these in our daily lives it will help.

Use Compact Fluorescent Bulbs: Replace 3 frequently used light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs. Save 300 lbs. of carbon dioxide and $60 per year.

Fill The Dishwasher: Run your dishwasher only with a full load. Save 100 lbs. of carbon dioxide and $40 per year

Use Recycled Paper: Make sure your printer paper is 100% post consumer recycled paper. Save 5 lbs. of carbon dioxide per ream of paper

Plant A Tree: Trees suck up carbon dioxide and make clean air for us to breathe. Save 2,000 lbs. of carbon dioxide per year

Replace Old Appliances: Inefficient appliances waste energy. Save hundreds of lbs. of carbon dioxide and hundreds of dollars per year

Buy Organic Food: The chemicals used in modern agriculture pollute the water supply, and require energy to produce

Be A Meat Reducer: The average American diet contributes an extra 1.5 tons of greenhouse gases per year compared with a vegetarian diet. Eliminating meat and dairy intake one day a week can make a big difference.

These were only a few things I listed, you can see more things to help fight Global Warming by clicking HERE


Sunday, February 17, 2008

Wiccans Rule!

A thought came to mind today as I was thinking of what to blog about, so many subjects how does one choose? I decided to make a post on Wicca since I have recently become a third degree High Wicca Priestess, yes it's my way of life and the one I chose. Everyone has their own opinions of what or who they want to worship and I chose this path many years ago and have been more than happy with the way I live.

We Wiccans have come along away through the years, there are more and more people who have become involved in the craft. The Wiccan way of life is enjoying, interesting, fulfilling, but definately not for everyone, you have to put your whole heart into it and just saying one is Wiccan and actually living it is two different things. I have had people come to me saying they also are Wiccan, and when I asked some questions they didnt even know the anwers, so that lead me to believe they weren't really Wiccan at all.

There are those individuals that are interested in the way of the Wiccan life and those who actually live it, don't get the two confused because there is a big difference. If you have chosen to become Wiccan it is not an overnight change in your life but something that will take time to develope over a period of time. If your heart is in it 100% and you really want to become a true Wiccan then I wish you all the best, its the only way of life for me!

Thirteen Goals Of A Witch
1. Know yourself. 2. Know your Craft. 3. Learn. 4. Apply knowledge with wisdom. 5. Achieve balance. 6. Keep your words in good order. 7. Keep your thoughts in good order. 8. Celebrate life. 9. Attune with the cycles of the Earth. 10. Breathe and eat correctly. 11. Exercise the body. 12. Meditate. 13. Honor the Goddess and God.

~ Blessed Be, Cat

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines!

Happy Valentines day to all my viewers, may your day be filled with love, chocolate, and flowers! Leave out the stuffed animals, they stay on your shelf collecting dust.


Saturday, February 09, 2008

I Am An Introvert

I had always considered myself antisocial and come to find out I am not antisocial at all but meerly an Introvert! Yes, I have been called eccentric, antisocial, people hater, the list goes on and on. Just becuse I don't like being in large crowds of people or be engaged in every social event doesnt mean I am weird or strange.

An introverted person loves being alone most of the time and doesn't feel lonely. I do not feel lonely when I am alone for long periods of time and it doesn't bother me not to have someone around me constantly. I feel so drained when I am at a party,like the superbowl party I was at recently,I was dying to leave even though I did have fun,it lasted a little too long for me. I cannot be around so much noise and people for long periods, I get the feel of needing and longing to be alone so I can recharge my energies.

I thought that I was crazy for being this way my whole life and blamed it on many things that had happened thoughout my life. It feels good to know I have a name for what it is that I am and happy to know im not nuts for wanting to be alone all the time. My friends tell me to be more social and go out and do this and do that, when I try to do what they suggest I get very emotionaly upset and return back to my life of solitude where I feel relaxed and comfortable.

About 25% of the population are introverts, some famous intoverts are Emily Dickinson, Issac Newton, Peter The Great, Eisenhower, Steven Hawkings, Einstein, Marie Curie, Carl Jung, Queen Elizabeth II, Mozart, Thomas Edison. It's good to know im not the only one with this kind of life. The definition of introverted is: bashful, cautious, close-mouthed, cold, collected, cool, demure, introspective, modest, offish, quiet, reclusive, restrained, secretive, shy, soft-spoken, solitary, standoffish, uncommunicative, withdrawn.

Introverts in general are intelligent at problem solving and have great concentration. Frequently gifted in math, science, music, art and love working alone, this explains alot about me. I have been researching many different sites on the web about introverted individuals and read up on lots of information so I can better understand what it is that I am, lol.

Introverts keep a straight face and don't show emotions, that's me alright, couldnt be more true.
Introvert Characteristics:
Energized by time alone
Keeps to self
Internally aware
Fewer friends
Prefer smaller groups
Not socially inclined
Enjoys solitude
Thinks before speaking

The list above came from this site


Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I added a new widget to my blog today called Shelfari. Its a widget of a book shelf that takes you to a book and reader lovers group, and since I love to read I decided to joined. The books on my my shelf are ones that I own, read, currently reading and about to read. If you are a book worm like me you will enjoy this site as well. There are friends to be made, different book groups to join and many great reading discussions going on. I found this widget on a blog at blogcatalog, I never new so many interesting widgets are out there for bloggers. As you all may know I love to decorate my blog and all the more when I can find widgets that express my interests. You can find my book shelf towards the bottom of my blog, scroll down until you see it. I will be adding more books to it so check it often.


Monday, February 04, 2008

Super Bowl XLII

What a great game NE Patriots & NY Giants! I celebrated Super Bowl Sunday with lots of friends, I had a wonderful time. Great people, good laughs and Football, what else could I want, lol. I was hoping that the NYG would win, and they did, NYG 17 and NEP 14. Even though the Giants had beat the Green Bay Packers in the last game which is my fav team, I figured that I would root for them since my team didnt make it, after all I did live in NY for a short time so I guess that counts, lol.

At half time the score was NE 7 and NYG 3, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers sang a few of my favorite songs on stage as fans cheered them on, Their performace was awesome! When the Giants won, Bill Belichick the coach of the Patriots seemed to be a very sore looser, awww poor baby, too bad. The Patriots had won all the games up until the Super Bowl so they should of been proud even though they didnt win.

The game was played at The University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona and the Lombardi Trophy was awarded to the NYG for their victory! Eli Manning received keys to a black Cadilac Escalade for his two touchdown passes in the 4th quarter, awesome! I can't wait until October when the new season starts, I wonder who will win the Super Bowl next year, The Green Bay Packers I hope!

Friday, February 01, 2008

2008 Leaderboard

Look at who is in the lead so far! Who would you like to see as the next president? I don't care who disagrees with me, but I am voting for Hillary Clinton!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Favorite Quotes

Here are a few of my favorite quotes, do you have a favorite that you would like to share? These are all time hits with me.

"No man is an Island, entire of itself;
every man is a piece of the Continent,
a part of the main." ~John Donne

"I would rather live in a world where my life is surrounded by mystery than live in a world so small that my mind could comprehend it.” ~Harry Emerson Fosdick

"If you can dream it, you can do it" ~Walt Disney

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Home And Bored?

On a cold Sunday evening I am here at home and bored? My mother used to tell me there is no such thing as boredom, there is always something one can do to fill the time. My mother was right, there is always something that I could be doing instead of sitting here with the TV turned on and not watching it, and writing a post in my blog.

Hey I am doing something at least, but is there more that I should do? What else can I do to not be bored? Damn countless shit I guess like vising friends, go out to the movies, make up some appetizers and invite some friends over for drinks.

Most stores are closed now so shopping is out the question. I haven't taken a trip in awhile so maybe I should do that, nah don't feel like traveling. One thing I hate about traveling is that I get so sick on trips, I get the shits, for weeks, lol.

I wanted to do a blog on travels (if I had any real travels that is) but traveling just isn't my thing. I do go to London about twice a year to visit my sis but it takes me the first two weeks of being sick and then when I'm feeling ok its time to go home again, defeats the whole purpose unless I stay for months. Staying for long periods with my sis isn't good, I cant stand being with her for long because she gets on my nerves, lol but I love her anyways.

I could stay in a hotel but then my sis would feel bad so I stay with her and permit her to get on my nerves awhile. Hey we cant all have our cake and eat it too, or can we? Guess I will flip through the channels and see whats on TV, maybe actually watch it.


Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cold Winter Days & Nights

Brrrrr... Cold winter days and nights here in Ohio, I crank up the heater and walk around my condo in fuzzy jammies instead of my nude flesh, lol. I do love looking at the snow and smelling that cool crisp breeze when I walk outside, but I also miss the fresh scent of flowers and the hot sun beating down on me in the warm summer months. It will be sooner than I think as the time goes by so fast.

I usually go sledding or ice skating with friends in the winter but this year I went snowboarding and only once, I broke my ass, lol. My first time trying to snowboard and I think its my last, fuck the phrase, try, try again. Maybe if I had a snowboard that was fit for me I would of been better at it, instead I used my gay friend Javier's board and the feet things just didn't fit me right.

My friend Javier has these big ass feet and my feet are a mere size 5, for some reason when I put my feet into the stirrups on the snowboard they kept slipping out. I do blame it somewhat on the ice and snow that was packed on the bottom of my boots, who knows. Well anyways I learned my lesson not to try that again, I hurt my neck really bad and was in pain for a very long time afterwards.

I think I will stick to what I know, ice skating and sledding, thinking about it is making me want to go have some winter fun. Ever since 2008 started a few weeks ago I feel really different about myself, I feel older, and I have many different thoughts that I never had before. Strange feelings come over me as if I am going to go through a change in routine of my daily life.

I have met some interesting new acquaintances this past xmas through my cousin. These new friends of mine are a lot older than me and have a very strong influence on me regarding my life and how I should proceed in my path to be a more happier, and calm person. I don't dwell so much now on my past as I did in recent years and find myself looking for a better way to get through my moments of depression instead of drowning my thoughts in meds. Sometimes its so hard to deal with the fact that both my parents are gone and I cant go running to them when I have a problem.

OK I got off track like always when writing but this is my time to vent and I love it, lol. Sometimes I feel like writing a book and putting down all my thoughts and life events of past and present, I have been told before that this is a good way of releasing my inner emotions. My professors in college used to tell me I would be a great journalist, I was also told this by my teachers in middle school and high school.

Well I guess they were right, after all this blog is my online journal, lol.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Marie Noe

I watched a very disturbing program last night on television, it was about this lady (Marie Noe) who killed 8 of her 10 children by suffocating them, 7 girls and 3 boys. The other two children born to her died of natural causes, one was still born and the other died shortly after birth in the hospital of blood abnormalities. All of these infants deaths were from 1949 - 1968, the doctors could find no explanation for the deaths, they said it was SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).

Marie stated that the infants just died in their sleep while she was home alone with them, 30 years later in 1999 the 70 year old Marie confessd to murdering 8 of her children. Marie didnt serve any jail sentence, instead she was placed on probation for 20 years and served 5 years house arrest, and receive counceling. WTF? This is her punishment for taking the lives of these precious little babies?

Prosecutors agreed that Marie Noe and society would benefit more from her getting counceling, how the hell would this benifit society? I say throw the bitch in jail or suffocate her like she did her babies! We are supposed to take pity on the old bitch cause she had mental problems? Who doesnt?

Our justice system is just all screwed up if you ask me, many people in this world try so hard to have children and many times are unable to conceive. I for one only have a 30% chance of ever having a baby and what I wouldnt give to be able to give birth to a healthy beautiful child. Here is this woman taking the precious lives of her eight healthy infants, God only knows what these babies went through while in the care of this murderer.

While Marie confessed to killing her babies, she said "dont tell my husband", her husband was so damn nieve that he stated " I dont beleive she would do this". Come on, living with someone for so many years and not noticing that something upstairs isnt right, and then your children die one right after the other? He didnt suspect anything was wrong here?

Marie's husband wasnt charged in the killings, I think he should of known something and could of tried to stop it somehow. There was a witness at one time watching as Marie was giving a bottle to one her babies, she stated "drink this or I will kill you". What mother would say something like that to their innocent little baby? It was obvious she was not a loving mother.

Below is a link the book about Marie Noe called "Cradle of Death" if you want to read the whole story you can purchase this book from amazon, just click the link.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Breakfast Smoothie

I came up with my own version of a breakfast smoothie, this is my own creation so if anyone seen a recipe like mine somewhere then that's purely by coincidence. I never eat breakfast so I start many of my days runny around shopping and doing all sorts of things and then find myself feeling weak and sometimes dizzy from not eating. Of course I don't run around and shop every day but you get the point.

This little after I wake up pick me up gives me the nutrition I need to start my day as well as being very healthy and tastes great! Here is my recipe as follows:

Cat's Breakfast Smoothie
  • 1 banana (ripened and cut in chunks)
  • 1 cup of strawberries (take the stems off and cut them in half)
  • 1/2 cup fat free thick and creamy vanilla yogurt ( I use yoplait)
  • 8 Ounces of Silk soy milk
Blend all ingredients in a blender until smooth, pour into a glass and enjoy! If you feel that its a little too tart for your taste you can add some honey while blending, I like it tart so I don't add honey to mine. Another variation you also add ice to the blender with all the ingredients.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

New York Giants vs Dallas Cowboys!

Wow! Great game today as the New York Giants beat the Dallas Cowboys! At first I thought Dallas was going to win but the NYG came through, the score ended 21 to 17, for the second year Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys messes up at the end to lose the game. Now the NYG will play against Green Bay Packers. I have included a link to a video clip of todays game, enjoy!

Friday, January 04, 2008

2008 Begins!

2008 has begun, and I wonder what will come this year. Will there come peace and harmony among all? Will killings and wars end? Is there really a God in heaven and Devil in Hell or are we looking up to a higher power for nothing?

There is something that makes the universe go on an on and I don't think that mankind are the only ones who make things happen. Something somewhere is in total control of everything, why are there wars, killing, hatred? Where is peace and harmony?

We don't live in a perfect world and oh imagine if we did! Would it be fun or sorrowful? How would we go about our daily lives not hearing of bad things happening and that people never died.

Over crowding, but never any sickness or pain, our loved ones stayed walking upon this earth as we do now and not as spirits among us, and there was never any cause for arguments or fights. Could this actually happen? It seems to impossible to me and probably is, but some how I feel as if this higher one whom ever it may be has the power to change any and all things, so why doesn't it change then if there is so much power?

I'm sitting here so tranquil on my sofa sipping a cup of hot chocolate with my comfy Ohio State blanket wrapped around me, my laptop on my lap, and while I am gazing out the the big picture window at the snow I feel the calmness of the snowy night coming over me. Its so cold outside but yet it looks so peaceful, so quite, I wish the whole world could all be quiet and feel so peaceful like that, if only just for a short moment, maybe then would things improve in our daily lives and how we face each and every day.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

2007 Comes To the End!

Well, goodbye 2007 and hello to 2008, what the hell is the next year gonna bring? I don't really care either way. Been through some tough shit this year and I will glad to see it end, I recently had a cyst removed from my one of my ovaries, ewwwwww yea I know.
I was in pain on Christmas and I didn't enjoy it very much even though my friends came through with some great gifts for me, woo hoo! I have been really sick most of Dec due to my ovary thing, pain, pain and more pain, it is better now, still can't drink though, damn it! New Years is coming and I'm on meds so no getting wasted for me, maybe its better and could it be a sign that 2008 will be better?
Nah who I am fooling? Yea I know stop complaining, but I get to because I have seasonal depression remember? Lol, but seriously 2008 looks promising for me, why? I don't know I'm just trying to be optimistic here, give the girl the benefit of the doubt!
I hope all of my readers will have a great 2008, and I wish you all the best for the coming year! Make your New Years resolutions and stick to them!! I did a few of my resolutions for last year so I didn't do too bad, I haven't thought of any for this coming year yet.
Hey I just had a quick thought, why do many Latin people eat 12 grapes at the stroke of 12 midnight on New Years? If you never heard of it then you don't know what I am talking about, I am sure someone does, care to explain? I'm curious and don't feel like doing a Google search.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Seasonal Depression Time!

Yea, it's that time of the year gain. My seasonal depression has set in and trying to get through is a hassle. I have went through this since I was a child but not knowing why, recently I found out it has something to do with shorter days and childhood tragedies.

I can't recall any childhood tragedies, maybe there is something deep within me that remains untold. Spooky feeling wondering if anything happened in my life when I was a child that I don't recall and its making me depressed? Who knows! Maybe I should do some research on myself and see what dark secret lies beneath, lol.

Right now I'm not feeling like putting up a Xmas tree, let me blame it on depression. I should try to shrug this off and put one up but living alone it shouldn't really matter, or should it? If I had children I would most likely do it for them.

I need to get shopping, I have many people to buy gifts for. I purchased a few things so far but I need to get on the ball. I am a slacker for sure and need something to get me motivated, this coffee isn't doing me much good I think I need another cup!

Maybe I need to put up that tree after all, beside where am I gonna put my friends gifts after I wrap them? in the closet so all the bows get smashed? Leave the gift bags just scattered around my apartment?

Nah, I would rather have them set out under a tree so when my friends come for a visit they can try to guess at what they got by examining the package. They should know that would be a hard task as I try to wrap gifts in a way that's impossible to guess whats in it, lol. I think just by talking about gifts and Xmas trees I feel the need to decorate, oh good could my depression be over so quickly? Let's hope!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Scent Of Autumn

Autumn is my favorite time of year when all the leaves turn their beautiful bright and vibrant colors as the scent of a crisp cool breeze fills the air. It's a great time for children and adults alike to decorate their homes for the Halloween season, soon to be knocking on doors for tricks or treats. The amazing thing about this time of year is it seems to be calm, cool and inviting as one watches the leaves fall to the ground only to grow once again in the Spring.

Children play in piles of raked leaves, jumping into the middle and smelling the invigorating fragrance of dried leaves swirling around them in the soft wind. The leaves cling to their sweaters as they frolic amongst them in delight while parents watch remembering how fun it used to be when they were small doing this same fun thing. Some parents even join in trying to rekindle a moment of a childhood once lost.

Looking back at my childhood, I too took part in this great adventure jumping into a pile of leaves spreading them around all over the ground below me.I always purchase Autumn scented candles this time of year to have the sweet smell of remembrance that it is my favorite time of year. Soon be to walking through the park on a cool Octobers day I will take some pictures as I stroll through the colored trees surrounding me with such tranquility.

Walking through the park is one the best things to do on an Autumn day, taking pictures capturing the essence of Fall. I have included a slide show of some Pictures I took last year of Autumn in the park. I haven't taken any this year yet but I will post them as soon as I do, hope you enjoy! These pictures were taken by me.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

No More Myspace!!

I have to admit that having a "MySpace" for awhile was sorta fun but I have given it up. No more myspacing for me, im a once again dedicated blogger!!! Yes you read that correctly, I will be on blogger more often now. I was into myspace and seemed to ignore my blogging duties, I know shame, shame on me. I miss my blogland friends and want to return to blogging on a daily... well almost daily basis as my life permits.

Let me first let all my friends know that I am still alive, barely, but I wanted to return to blogging for some time now but just kept up with MySpace instead and never really gave any time at all to my blog. I deleted my blog a few times and then recreated it. I did this on MySpace also, lol. Well I have decided this is where I want to post, rant, complain, laugh, cry... my list goes on. I have deleted my profile on MySpace and I will not be recreating it again.

I see things this way... Blogging is sort of laid back like Ohio and MySpace is like New York City, do you feel me? I think you get the idea. I like laid back comfortable things in my life and hate the rush hour style of life, so here I am to stay!! Anyone want to share their feelings with me about Blogger verses MySpace? Feel free to post your comment.


Friday, September 21, 2007

Did Anyone Miss me?

Hey I'm back again, lol. I know I disappear all the time but I do come back now and then to blog. Been a little busy lately but not so drastic that I couldn't write in my blog so I'm not putting up any excuses.
How are my readers doing? Anything new? Relationships or anything crazy going on with you all? Let me know I'm bored right now. I'm thinking of becoming a lesbian, what do think about that? Give me your opinions, I need help!

Monday, June 25, 2007

My New Kitty

I felt kinda lonley so I decided to get myself a little furry friend. A friend of mine offered me a little grey kitten and I accepted her... I named her Pandora, she is so beautiful and keeps me company, I love to watch her play she is so spunky.

Pandora sleeps on my bed with me at night and lays up by my head purring, she is such a lovable little kitten, I am glad I decided to take her. I posted a pic of her below, the picture came out really bright and I tried to fix it in, but it turned the color of my kitty blue, lol. I tried to take a pic of her without flash but it looked like a ghost pic, my batteries in my camera were going dead so maybe that could of been the issue. . . Dont know for sure.

My little Pandora

Saturday, June 16, 2007

My Random Thoughts...

Some random thoughts that are going through my mind at the present moment... Sometimes it seems better to stay as we are without any changes, normal routines dont seem so bad after all. Changes in life cause us to get out of our comfort zone and into a whole new way of being, this might be good for some and bad for others. People think that having it all would be the perfect life, I disagree with this, it seems like there are so many individuals out there just looking for someone or something to latch onto to make their lives better and more easy on themselves, but why? Where is the struggle to get where you want to be without trying to use someone to get there? Wouldnt having your own intelegence to make you onto something you want be more rewarding? Why do you want to climb to the top using another person? Dont you have the will power to do it yourself?

Friday, June 01, 2007

Bored Out Of my Mind

With so many things going on in the world today you may be wondering how the hell can someone be bored? I don't really have a good answer for that but what I do know is that its now 2am on a Friday and im here online and can't sleep. I guess I will take the initiative and start to work once again on my blog.